28% Pro-Balancer Cubes and Blend

  • The range of 28% Pro-Balancer cubes and blends are formulated for situations where a low protein feed is making up greater than 45% of the diet on a dry matter basis
  • Soya is the predominant source of protein in this feed combined with rapeseed and distillers
    Balanced for digestible fibre helping to minimise acidosis
  • Contains Bretts unique PIP reducing the risk of acidosis, associated lameness while promoting optimum health and natural immunity throughout the herd
  • Contains 56 grams (2 oz) of Calcined Magnestite in a feed rate of 4.5 Kgs (10 lbs) as an aid in the prevention of grass tetany
  • dairy protein balancer feeds

28% Pro-Balancer Cubes and Blend     28% Maize Balancer Cubes and Blend

24% Pro-Balancer Cubes and Blend

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