Acorn Cattle Balancer Mineral

Acorn MineralsAcorn Cattle Balancer Mineral is the ideal mineral, containing Phosphorus (P), to fully balance a cereal based ration being fed to weanlings, store and finishing cattle on grass silage. 

Daily Feeding Rate: = 20 grams per 100kg liveweight. (Eg. 400 Kg animal required 80 grams per day)
An extensive trial undertaken by Teagasc (Dr. Phil Rogers) in 2000 established that Copper, Iodine & Selenium levels are sub-optimal on many Irish dairy & beef farms.  An animal can only perform to the extent that the first most limiting factor it encounters permits.  On a number of Irish farms mineral deficiencies are undoubtedly a constraint to achieving top animal performance.

 It makes economic sense to feed minerals to finishing cattle where you need to be achieving top animal performance in order to make a good return.

Features & Benefits:

  • Phos (P) is vital for the maintenance of fast growth in young animals & plays a central role in bone development.
  • Contains the required levels of both copper & iodine – two trace elements with proven growth promotion benefits in cattle.
  • Contains zinc, which is essential for hoof health.  This is especially relevant where you have heavy cattle housed on concrete slats.


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