Acorn Green Edge 3600m Netwrap

TOP TIPS - Conserving Baled Silage

  • For top quality baled silage cut leafy material when seed heads are emerging.
  • Cut when grass is dry and aim to leave on the ground for one night only.
  • Attempt to wilt grass to about 28—35% dry matter.
  • Ensure that you make firm, compact bales.
  • Acorn Green Edge NetwrapUse Acorn Green Edge 3600m Netwrap for reliability, quality and cost effectiveness.
  • Make sure you use Acorn Silaseal proven 25 micron, triple layer films.  Lighter films will NOT protect your silage adequately.
  • Four layers, properly applied, at 70% stretch is adequate.  However there is notable improvement in silage quality when six layers are applied, especially with high dry matter materials.
  • Choose a suitable, hardcore storage area for your wrapped bales to minimise damage.

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