Acorn Maize/Beet Balancer

Acorn Mineral Bag A performance mineral designed for feeding to high yielding lactating cows on a diet containing forage maize/fodder beet.
Daily Feeding Rate: 
Dairy Cows = 200 grams per head per day

Note: This is a fixed rate and accordingly the inclusion rate of mineral per tonne of a home-mixed meal will need to be calculated to deliver the 200 grams of mineral in the level of meal being fed. 

Please note that additional Cal-Mag must be added to the cow’s diet at times of tetany risk.


Features & Benefits:

  • Contains high Phosphorus making it ideal for balancing forage maize, wholecrop silage, fodderbeet and other low phosphorus forages.
  • Contains ‘chelated’ or ‘protected’ trace minerals which help overcome dietary interactions/antagonisms.
  • Chelated Copper fed at the correct level will help overcome secondary or induced copper deficiency due to raised molybdenum levels found on many Irish farms.
  • Contains a high level of Vitamin E & Selenium which helps boost an animal’s immunity & defences against disease (eg. mammary infections).
  • Contains iodine - an essential trace element required for milk production & vitally important to support the growth & development of embryos.


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