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Heather PeppardOriginating from a drystock farm in Co. Derry Heather graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science degree, specialising in Animal Science in 2000. She continued her studies by completing a Masters Degree in Agricultural Science at Lyons Research Farm.  Heather’s research focused on the nutritional factors affecting bovine fat colour.  Heather gained experience working with other leading Irish feed compounders and previously worked with Greenvale Animal Feeds, focusing mainly on the nutrition of pedigree cattle and sheep.

Heather joined Brett Brothers as their nutritionist in 2006 and since then has had full responsibility for feed formulation.   Another main role is leading the Ruminant Support Service that offers technical advice to Brett’s clients in order to enhance the overall performance of livestock on farms.


Ruminant Support Service

Down through the years Bretts have always recognised the importance of adapting innovation in order to improve the performance of livestock and ultimately improve farm profitability of our customers.  Our Nutritionist is always striving to develop new products based on sound scientific research and commercial realism at farm level.  We work closely with multi-international companies that help us transform recent technological developments to suit Irish farming systems.


Guaranteed Quality

Bretts manufacture a wide variety of feeds to meet the needs of all of our customers and it is our ultimate aim to produce animal feed in a safe and hygienic manner, complying with the highest quality specification and legal requirements.  Bretts attach great importance to official recognition under professional Quality Schemes and we are proud that our mill in Callan is certified under the prestigious Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS).

Native Grain
Bretts have a long standing tradition of sourcing native Irish grain from the farmers of Counties Kilkenny, Tipperary and Waterford.  Our Agronomist works closely with local tillage farmers to ensure that the grain that is used in our range of feeds is produced to the highest standard.

BarleyCitrusFlaked MaizeRolled Barley


Quality Ingredients make Quality FeedsCrop Ingredients
It is the policy of Bretts to use the finest of feed ingredients in terms of safety, nutrient supply, digestibility, palatability and traceability.  By doing this we can guarantee a consistent and superior range of top performing dairy, beef, calf, sheep and pig feeds.

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