Crop-Silage Packaging

Cows in milk, dairy and sucklers, and all growing and finishing cattle need high quality, well preserved silage, (74-78% DMD).  Digestibility falls by 2% units per week in late May so if your crop is ready and weather is permitting it is essential to harvest silage as soon as possible.  If nitrogen applications were applied late due to weather the nitrate levels in grass may be high in May so it is advisable to get it tested.  A very rough guide is to allow a days growth for every two units of nitrogen applied, i.e. if 100 units was applied per acre there should be 50 days between application and harvesting. 


Acorn Crop Packaging

Acorn Silage Covers

Acorn Green Edge 3600m Netwrap

Acorn Triple Layer Silaseal

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