Feeding Guidelines for Ewes

  • Ewe EatingEnsure that ewes have access to fresh water and good quality forage at all times, be careful that water supply is not frozen during winter
  • At high feeding rates of greater than 1 kg/animal/day feed twice daily and ensure that there is adequate feed space
  • As a preventative against grass tetany in lactating ewes add magnesium in the form of calcined magnesite (Cal Mag) to the feed
  • If your flock are prone to hypocalcaemia (calcium deficiency) prior to lambing avoid feeding diets with added magnesium (Cal Mag) to ewes prior to lambing
  • Ewe diets contain high phosphorus levels making them unsuitable as a feed for male lambs greater than three weeks of age
  • The recommended feeding instructions are only a guideline and should be altered according to ewe size, ewe body condition, forage quality, multiple births and weather conditions*
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*Recommended feeding instructions for twin-bearing ewes and ewes rearing twins:


  • Introduce the ration six to eight weeks before lambing
  • Introduce at a rate of 0.25 kgs/ewe/day
  • Increase gradually each week to reach 0.7 kgs/ewe/day at lambing time


  • Feed a minimum of 18% crude protein diet at a rate of 1 kg/ewe day or 0.5 kgs/lamb being reared

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