Graze Well Cubes

  • Cow GrazingGraze Well is the most popular feed used in early spring as a transition from indoor feeding to full time grazing in the lead up to breeding
  • This popular 15% dairy cube is formulated to meet the requirements of high performing spring milk production systems
  • Contains native cereals and the use of soya hulls, wheatfeed and citrus pulp are important components in providing digestible fibre helping to minimise acidosis
  • The inclusion of PIP helps to fine tune rumen function by improving the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation and in turn this reduces the rumen ammonia concentration and stabilises rumen pH. This is important in minimising risk of acidosis and in maintaining high milk butterfat and protein percentages
  • PIP contains a specific mineral package of protected copper, zinc and selenium that will help the cycling of cows in the breeding season, especially in areas of high molybedenum, sulphur and iron that ‘lock up’ important trace minerals. Provides a high concentration of vitamins and protected minerals to suit a low feeding rate
  • Contains 56 grams (2 oz) of Calcined Magnestite in a feed rate of 2.2 Kgs (5 lbs) as an aid in the prevention of grass tetany
  • spring/summer dairy range


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