Harvest 2015 Updates



Oats for Flahavans!  Oats being harvested for delivery to Bretts and to be assembled for Flahavans.  With excellent yields being reported, KPH 54 and moisture 17.5% we will have lots of yummy Flahavans Porridge Oats for the Winter!



Harvest 2015 - more combines!  Winter Barley intake now over 15,000 tonnes.

Beans/Fodder Beet

Beans/Fodder BeetBeans/Fodder BeetBeans/Fodder beet

Beans and Fodder Beet doing well in the South East!

Harvest 2015

More grain for Bretts!  As the darkness closed in last night this Winter Barley was being harvested in South Tipperary.  It has already arrived here in the yard.  We have over 13,000 tonnes of WInter Barley in!  More updates to follow...

Harvest 2015Harvest 2015

Harvest Update - Just hit 5,000 tonnes of Winter Barley over the bridge!!  Average moisture 19% and KPH 66.

Harvest 2015Harvest 2015

It's official - Harvest 2015 has started!!  Winter Barley being cut.  Variety is Volume.  Moisture 18% and KPH 64.

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