Heifer Rearer Cubes and Coarse Ration

  • This specific feed is designed with the sole purpose of growing replacement heifers to achieve target weights and puberty at the critical stages of breeding and also to ensure that as an in-calf heifer calving down that she is at optimum size before entering the main herd
  • This feed is 18% protein and research has shown that high protein promotes  good mammary development and prevent fatty tissue depositing in the udder thus maximising future milking ability
  • The high level of calcium and phosphorus encourage bone growth and development  helping the foundation frame of the future cow and encouraging the onset of puberty and reproductive cycling
  • Well balanced for minerals and trace elements in the lead up to breeding
  • feeds for improved cow longevity

Heifer Rearer Cubes and Coarse Ration     Supreme Pre-Calver Cubes and Coarse Ration

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