Magnesium Supplements

Acorn Mineral BucketsGrass tetany results from magnesium deficiency and it is an acute condition that can be fatal.  Lactating cows and ewes on tetany-prone pasture need a daily supplement of magnesium. Magnesium is normally provided in the form of Calcined Magnesite (Cal Mag).

The daily requirements are: 
Cows: 30 grams daily of Magnesium (60 grams Calcined Magnesite)
Ewes: 10 grams daily of Magnesium (20 grams Calcined Magnesite)


Magnesium can be supplemented to livestock through:
  • Fixed rate feeding of a magnesium enriched feed (E.g. Bretts Graze Plus)
  • Magnesium blocks
  • Water supplementation
  • Magnesium bullets
  • Dusting of paddocks with Cal Mag 

Bretts offer a number of products to ensure that your livestock are covered for magnesium supplements during the tetany risk period.

Magmin Grazing Cube

Acorn Magnesium Blocks

Sweet Cal-Mag


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