Brett Brothers are renowned for producing a range of superior pig feeds that are proven to perform.  We pride ourselves in using native wheat and barley that has been carefully monitored by our agronomist from the point of sowing until it reaches our mill in Callan.  It is our policy to use the ultimate in feed ingredients that guarantee consistency and quality in our range of pig feeds.

Having our own integrated pig unit, namely Sunglen Pig Farm, means that we fully recognise the importance of feeding your herd to maximise performance in terms of growth rates, feed conversion efficiency and numbers of pigs sold per sow per year.    Each formulation recognizes the changing nutrient requirements of the pig at each stage of growth.  Our nutritionist works closely with international companies in order to adapt the most recent research evolving in pig production and develop innovative products to improve animal performance.  We are firm believers that macro and mirco nutrition combined with optimisation of amino acid supply influences all key performance indicators such as milking and reproductive ability of the sow through to the growth of the weaner and finishing pig.

For further information on our comprehensive range of Sow, Weaner, Grower and Finisher Feeds please contact the office.


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Brett Brothers Ltd.,
Co. Kilkenny.
Tel: 056-7755300
Email: enquiries@brettbrothers.ie

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