The newborn calf is your future herd and that is why Brett’s feed Specialists have developed a unique complex of nutrients in the form of Rumi-Start to maximise performance of your young and growing herd.

The success of Rumi-Start is based upon achieving a number of key objectives in the early stages of the calf’s development. The aim of any calf rearing programme should be to encourage early feed intake that helps to develop the rumen, maximise health of the calf and prepare the calf for the post weaning period. If these goals are achieved the calf will reach the appropriate target weights in the correct timescale, whether that be breeding of replacement heifers to calve at 24 months or rearing of bull calves for intensive finishing.


What makes Rumi-Start a proven success?

  • Rumi-Start contains a ‘mother smell stimulant’ that is familiar and palatable to the calf and this attracts the young calf to the feed at an early age, encouraging high intakes.
  • Rumi-Start stimulates development of the rumen through a number of modes of action leading to improved nutrient absorption and better growth.
  • Rumi-Start encourages improved health by removing harmful bacteria from the gut wall, reducing the risk of scouring.
  • Rumi-Start aids early development of the immune system by stimulating antibody production, a key function in calves fighting off infections.
  • Rumi-Start works to aid digestion and stabilise the rumen environment minimising the risk of digestive upsets.
  • Rumi-Start supplies the complete trace mineral and vitamin requirements of the young calf

Bretts Ultra Calf Cubes and Super Munch are fortified with Rumi-Start

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