Supreme Pre-Calver Cubes and Coarse Ration

  • This specific feed is available in cubes or coarse ration and is formulated to provide the nutrient requirements of cows in the 4-6 weeks prior to calving
  • This feed is 18% protein and this encourage preparation of udder for the next lactation and the use of soya optimises the level of immunogloblins in the colostrums, helping to improve calf immunity
  • This feed can be fed at a recommended rate of 2 kgs/cow/day on grass silage
  • This low calcium feed is fortified with the correct level of  magnesium and phosphorus that will help to reduce the risk of milk fever
  • Contains a good specification dry cow mineral that provides a range of protected minerals
  • feeds for improved cow longevity

Heifer Rearer Cubes and Coarse Ration     Supreme Pre-Calver Cubes and Coarse Ration

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