Timing of Reseeding

In recent years in certain parts of the country there has been a considerable shift towards reseeding in the autumn.  However if the weather comes bad in the autumn farmers miss out on the opportunity to reseed.  ACORN’s agronomists strongly urge farmers to consider spring reseeding.  A common argument used by farmers against spring reseeding is that they cannot afford to take out a paddock or field and manage without the grass at that time of the year.  We fully appreciate that the ‘turnaround time’ is important.  However, with planning a farmer should only lose 60 days of grazing, or 3 rotations.  It is possible to graze the old sward twice in the spring, reseed in early to mid April, and to be back into a new sward in mid to late June.

The benefits of following this programme are:

  • You’ll have quality reseeds to offer your cows or calves in mid-summer.
  • You’ll have a highly productive sward for the remainder of the year.
  • The sward, reseeded in the spring, gets a great chance to settle in nicely for the
    coming years.
  • Weed control is easier.

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