Ultra Dairy 16% Cubes

  • Ultra Dairy 16% is an energy dense cube (11.2 MJ/kg as fed; UFL 0.95), specifically formulated for feeding to medium to high yielding Spring Calving dairy cows where grass is making up some or all of the diet.
  • Early Lactation - This cube is suitable in early lactation when cows are in transition from indoor diets of grass silage to grazing full time.  The advantage of this feed is that the feeding level is very flexible, an attribute that makes it attractive for feeding in Spring when grazing conditions and grass supply can change in a short space of time.  This allows farmers to have a flexible feed in the bin that can be increased to meet the energy deficit from low Grass Dry Matter Intakes that often occurs in early Spring.
  • Mid to Late Lactation - If grass supply is tight or adverse weather has a negative influence on grazing conditions during the Summer or Autumn, Ultra Dairy 16% Cubes are the ideal complement to bridge the energy gap, helping to maintain milk solids and good lactose levels.
  • Contains High Inclusions of Cereals and Soya Hulls - Vital to maintain cow body condition in early lactation.  The energy in this feed comes from a combination of starch from Maize and Native Cereals and digestible fibres such as Soya Hulls that are ideal complements to grass.
  • Protein Content of 16% - In early Spring grass proteins are high (18-22%) and there is a surplus of rumen degradable protein that can lead to the cow 'milking off her back'.  By feeding a lower protein dairy nut that is high in energy it helps the cow to partition energy towards milk production without utilising her own body reserves at the expense of future fertility.
  • Includes Trace Minerals (Copper, Zinc, Iodine, Selenium, Manganese and Cobalt) - These minerals, which are necessary for general metabolism and enhance the cows' immune system, promote helping to reduce SCC's, clinical mastitis, lameness & infertility related to mineral deficiencies.
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