Volac Agros Corn

Agros Corn Agros Corn is a specially formulated granular inoculant designed to improve the feeding quality of maize and wholecrop silage and minimise the loss of valuable nutrients by reducing the risk of aerobic spoilage. Its key ingredient is Alliin, a natural mould inhibitor found in garlic, and a lactobacillus bacterium strain.

The combination of Alliin with lactobacillus gives your forage double protection, during storage and feed out, from spoilage yeasts that can significantly degrade nutrient value. Alliin offers immediate protection at ensiling, while acid produced by the lactobacillus bacteria over a period of weeks builds gradually to high levels which offer high levels of protection at feed out.


Maize Silage

Fermentation of maize silage is similar to that for grass, with fermentation producing lactic acid, resulting in reduced pH, which preserves the crop and prevents the growth of spoilage organisms.

Maize has a high dry matter which, together with maize cobs’ high starch content, helps ensure rapid fermentation, removing the need for the addition of lactic acid bacteria inoculants. High dry matter and high starch increases the risk of spoilage, so the use of an additive to prevent the growth and colonisation of yeasts and moulds during ensiling and feed out is essential.

Agros Corn has been proven to inhibit these yeasts and moulds, increasing the silage’s aerobic stability, and reducing the risk of heating at the clamp face.


Wholecrop Cereals

The popularity of ensiling wholecrop cereals has increased over recent years, as they offer a good alternative to traditional forages. Cereal wholecrops can be high yielding and benefit from a wide harvest window allowing for wholecrop to be harvested with varying dry matters. Due to this wide range in dry matters the extent of fermentation will vary. These crops are at risk from aerobic spoilage and heating in the clamps.

It is therefore recommended that when using an inoculant, a brand incorporating an aerobic spoilage inhibitor such as Agros Corn is applied.


Fermented Wholecrop

The use of Agros Corn has been proven to dramatically improve aerobic stability.

Due to high grain maturity, wholecrop of this dry matter should be harvested using a primary processing mill to ensure maximum digestion when forage is fed. The high DM will limit fermentation, but aerobic spoilage can still occur, causing heating and nutrient loss. Treatment with four litres per tonne of Agros Corn at harvest ensures better aerobic stability when exposed to air.


Packaging and application rates:
Packed in granular form in a 20 Kg bucket , each bucket is sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of forage.


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