Volac Agros Silage Enhancer

Bretts stock the Volac Agros range of silage additives effective in maintaining the nutritional quality of silage, whether clamp, big bale, maize or whole crop. They have all been thoroughly researched and tested, and manufactured to the highest specification.

Agros Silage EnhancerAgros Silage Enhancer in granular form delivers one million lactic acid-producing bacteria per gram of forage treated, resulting in a fast and controlled fermentation with little protein breakdown.  This produces nutritionally better and more palatable silage, increased intakes and improved animal performance. Don't take chances with your silage - use Agros Clamp to ensure fast and stable fermentation.

NB: As with all inoculants Agros Silage Enhancer cannot overcome bad silage making practice or highly adverse weather conditions

Packaging and application rates:
Packed in granular form in a 20 Kg bucket , each bucket is sufficient to treat 50 tonnes of forage.

Contact details

Brett Brothers Ltd.,
Co. Kilkenny.
Tel: 056-7755300
Email: enquiries@brettbrothers.ie

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