What is PIP?

PIP = Performance Improvement Pack = What is it?

Dairy farmers are always striving to maximise milk yield and milk solids in the most efficient way.  In trying to achieve this dairy farmers are facing increasing challenges in terms of herd fertility, animal health and cow longevity. Bretts recognise the challenge facing farmers and have worked closely with nutrition experts to develop a potent complex of nutrients in an exclusive Performance Improvement Pack (PIP). 

The success of PIP is based on sound scientific research and it’s success is also evident on farm with many farmers reporting improved cow performance in the immediate post calving period when dry matter intake is at its’ lowest.  It is often assumed that energy supply is the first limiting factor in dairy diets.  However, in many herds sufficient energy is supplied in the total diet and what limits performance is how much of the energy is utilized by the cow.  PIP works to enhance overall feed efficiency in the cow. 

PIP Mode of Action:

Regulates rumen microflora and reduces rumen ammonia levels
This exclusive pack reduces the level of ammonia in the rumen, allowing the rumen microflora (bug population) to make best use of the nutrients supplied to the cow thus enhancing the cows’ ability to process feed into milk. 

Promotes rumen efficiency in the cow
PIP includes a unique slow-release buffer that stabilises the rumen pH over long periods helping to control rumen acidosis.  In turn this helps with the production of milk butterfat and protein.

Reduced production cost through improved dietary energy efficiency
PIP contains components proven to increase milk output without increasing dry matter intake.  This has obvious savings at farm level in that the cow produces more milk per kilo of dry matter consumed.

Enhances glucose metabolism and improves liver function
Through a unique mode of action this pack will enhance glucose metabolism and liver function.  This in turn improves the functioning of the ovary and hormonal system thus improving the fertility status of the herd.

Boosts immune system – reduces SCC, mastitis and uterine infections
The inclusion of an immunity fortifier in PIP strengthens the cows’ own natural defences against bacterial infections.  By boosting the immune system immediately post-calving the cow is less susceptible to mastitis and uterine infections thus increasing the longevity of the cow in your herd.

Reduces incidences of lameness
PIP contains a range of micro nutrients that are proven to improve the hardness and health of the hoof.  Through this the risk of sole lesions and losses from associated lameness are greatly reduced.


PIP is included in Milkwell, Milk Excel, Maxi-Breeder Cubes
and 28% Pro-Balancer Cubes/Blend
PIP is also available in a TMR Farm Pack


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