The quality, and management of this forage is the largest influence on a farms’ profitability. This is why we have created our own range of superior quality grass seed and offer a backup service to customers who want to reseed or improve their grass management skills.

The range of Bretts grass seed has been developed to include the highest performing varieties from the Irish recommended list. As a commitment to supplying top quality seed mixtures, varieties have been selected based on numerous criteria including quality, persistence, early/late season growth and the economic performance (PPI). The pasture Profit Index is an additional measurement to the DAFM recommended list and captures the economic worth of different grass varieties.

Bretts grass seed also pays attention to seed purity criteria and all varieties included in the mixtures conform to HVS (Higher Voluntary Standard) seed purity standards, ensuring against contaminants.

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For further information please contact the Agronomist or one of the Ruminant Support Specialists