Milk Replacers

At Bretts, we understand how calf rearing impacts the overall health and performance of your calves as they mature into adult animals. We have formulated a milk replacer with this in mind, optimising the development of your
calf and resulting in a healthy, mature animal capable of reaching its genetic potential in both dairy and beef systems.

Please click here for information on Bretts Goldstart Milk Replacer and here for details of our full calf/heifer range.

Bretts also stock Volac range of calf milk replacers.

Farm Minerals

Bovine farm minerals are formulated by our Nutritionist and at the recommended feeding rates are designed to balance farm diets with correct levels of vitamins and minerals.  We offer an extensive range to suit dry cows, lactating dairy cows, young stock and intensively fed beef animals.  We also stock a range of Molassed Mineral Buckets for all species.

Please click here for information on PIP Dry Cow Minerals.

Please click here for information on Dry Cow Management.

For further information please contact one of our Ruminant Support Specialists to ensure the correct balance of minerals for your livestock.


Bretts are stockists of the Farm-O-San Range

Farm-O-San Reviva

Farm-O-San Reviva is an easily digestible, palatable energy drink for cows after calving.  It contains calcium and added vitamins.   Reviva quickly rehydrates the cow, replenishes mineral loss in the cow and helps boost immunity.  Reviva is very useful in herds that are experiencing a high incidence of milk fever and retained afterbirths.

Farm -O-San Pulmosure

The respiratory system of calves is very vulnerable. Maintaining good respiratory health is of utmost importance to avoid calf losses and reduced growth. Pulmosure contains an essential oil that supports breathing and clearing of the airways. Pulmosure also contains a natural form of vitamin E and organically bound selenium.  Pulmosure is available in Bretts Ultra Calf Cubes or as a topdressing.