This service is an extension of the company’s investment in two centres of excellence, Nutrition and Agronomy, in response to demand from intensive beef and dairy farmers. Our core value of building strong relationships remains, and our Ruminant Support Service emphasises our focus on maximising productivity based on breeding, good grass management and sensible feeding,

The Ruminant Support Service team consists of two ruminant support specialists, Michael Foley and David Lawrence, who join Heather Peppard, nutritionist, and James Irish, agronomist and grassland specialist, in providing additional technical support to the existing sales team and delivering a superior service to farmer customers.

Michael Foley, a long standing member of Bretts’ technical sales team prior to joining the Ruminant Support Service, has many years of expertise on dairy and beef nutrition. Michaels’ experience in dealing with intensive livestock farms convinced him of the growing demand for knowledge and support in relation to animal nutrition, grassland management and herd health.

David Lawrence is a PhD graduate, who has studied and worked in Moorepark and Johnstown Castle, and has numerous publications including the Journal of Dairy Science. According to David, “much of my research has centred on the utilisation of concentrate feeds to support milk production in autumn-calving dairy herds, and profitability of utilising concentrates to supplement both grazed grass and ensiled forages”.

In the challenging times ahead, where production and profitability will come under further intensive scrutiny and the role of the Ruminant Support Service is to support farmers in all technical decisions in relation to feeding, herd health and production”.